I specialize in business operations and strategy coaching, and designing websites for service based and product based online business owners.

I had given up trying to explain my path in life to the people closest to me. Any time I opened my mouth, it just confused my loved ones and their feedback created doubt within myself. I knew what I wanted, I saw it very clearly, but it was very hard to communicate that to others. 

This confusion on my life path translated to my online presence as well. I struggled with every business idea I launched because I was just "all over the place". I found myself starting over and over and over again. 

Turns out, I wasn't all over the place. 

I wasn't pursuing one specific career path. I was pursuing a lifestyle. 


I’m here to help

You've read countless articles, watched a zillion entrepreneur vlogs on YouTube, listened to a ton of podcasts... even confided in strangers at a few networking mixer events. But the imposter syndrome is killing you. You're not making many sales (or any), and everyday you contemplate giving up, but something is keeping you hanging on... if only by a thread. 

You’ve tried all the things and you’re tired of spinning your wheels.

tell me if this sounds familiar…



Sales for Introverts

Fun Fact: I'm an introvert. I didn't want that to stop me from reaching my freedom goals. I was determined to build systems and create strategies that fit my lifestyle and my personality. But something called me to share these systems and strategies with others too. So I repurposed an old Facebook Group into Sales for Introverts, to give fellow introverted entrepreneurs a safe space to grow and find support on their journey to financial freedom. Click here to join the group!


Spark and Launch Podcast

I wanted to diversify my marketing avenues and not rely on referrals to grow even faster. Being an introvert and busy mom, made the podcast a no-brainer. I could get online and attract aspiring online business owners who wanted help with their launch and growth. I also wanted to speak to those that dreamed of building a business that would allow them to work from anywhere, live a more flexible lifestyle, and make uncapped income on their own terms. Click here to listen!


Launched the First Program

A few months later, as I was finishing up my first client's website, we began discussing the vision and direction for her brand, and how she should structure her business operations and strategy. I saw it easier to share this information by creating an online class that she could take and reference over and over again, and other busy business owners could too. And so, the Spark and Launch Academy was born. 


First Website Design Client

My first client happened by accident. I'd built a huge archive of knowledge from all of the businesses I had launched and learned up to this point. One of my best friends needed help launching her brand, and the first thing I said was "you need a website!" She said "let's do it!" and from there Spark and Launch was born.


Started My First Biz

I was 19 years young when I started this journey. Who knew it would take 8 more years to crack the code? I made handmade perfume oils and sold them on Etsy for 2 years (that's my actual product pictured). Then came a slew of other businesses, from service to e-commerce until...


Love Notes


-Gloria Taylor,

Your guidance from the photos, ideas on different streams of income, and seeing the potential in my passion derived from one idea was remarkable. I enjoyed the brainstorming sessions to stretch my mind by thinking outside the box. Your quick response was refreshing, and always willing to go above and beyond which exceeded my standards! Keep up the good work!

Your creativity and drive to bring my idea to fruition was impeccable! 

-Rhetta simone,

After my first consultation with her, I knew that my business was headed in the right direction. I expressed how I envisioned my website and she creatively and impeccably, executed the task. She was so patient with me! Not only is she an amazing web designer, but also a BOMB Brand Coach! Thanks for everything Aren!

Aren is absolutely phenomenal!